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Updated: Mar 29, 2018

The Disney EGGstravaganza is a great thing to do with your kids to celebrate Easter/spring. This year the scavenger hunt takes place from March 16 through April 1. There are three options for egg hunting at the Disneyland Resort: Disneyland, California Adventure, and Downtown Disney. My kids and I did the egg hunt through Downtown Disney because we have the Southern California annual pass, and we were there during the blackout period. Doing the hunt through either park would require paying for admission. Downtown Disney was just as fun and saved me a ton of money! In fact, you acquire the SAME eggs no matter which venue you choose, so it really doesn’t matter! ...more about that later.

All four EGGstravaganza maps

Although there are several stores where you can buy maps, we bought ours from World of Disney.  This was a good place to start, as it’s located at the far end of the district. Maps cost $5.99 each.  I bought three. So here’s the deal when you go with teenagers - my kids really enjoyed it...but they turned it into a race! If you have younger kids, I’m sure it’ll be a more relaxing experience!

EGGstavaganza map for Downtown Disney

So, the eggs you’re looking for aren’t your typical Easter eggs. They are GIANT eggs located throughout the district. Your map will direct you as to which stores to go to. They can be in stores or outside. Here’s a hint when trying to find Jessie at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique - the store is currently closed so the egg is somewhere outside.

Jessie from Toy Story - Guess where she is?!

After you find all the eggs on the map, you return to World of Disney to redeem your map for a prize. What’s the prize? An actual character Easter egg! Currently there are five to choose from: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, Mike & Sully. (Unfortunately, when we were there the Belle egg was “sold out” throughout the Disney Resort.) You only get to pick ONE egg. So in our instance, there were three of us. We decided to get different eggs. I picked Cinderella, my daughter picked Minnie Mouse and my son picked Mickey Mouse. We wanted the full available collection, so we went back and bought two additional maps so we could acquire Mike & Sully. Each egg also has a corresponding sticker inside. Whether you choose to do the EGGstravaganza at Downtown Disney, Disneyland or California Adventure the choice of eggs is the SAME.

Our egg collection!

Other cool things to do while your in the Downtown Disney District:

Splitsville - Splitzville is a luxury bowling alley that replaced the House of Blues. It's super fun and the food is great! You must make reservations in advance to book a lane. I literally had to sign an event contract to reserve a lane for three people. Lane reservations are about 1 hour and 15 minutes in duration. Our weekday reservation before 4:00 p.m. was $29.00 per person including shoe rental. Maximum 8 bowlers per lane. We were able to bowl about two games while we were there. Yes, you can just make reservations to just dine-in and not bowl. But, what fun is there in that?! Check out the Disney website for more info on reservations.

VOID: Star Wars Secrets of the Empire - This is a virtual reality experience. My son and I LOVED it! Your gear includes a players vest, helmet and virtual reality goggles. So be prepared to be weighed down a bit by all the equipment. You are given a Star Wars mission to accomplish. I don't want to spoil it for you by giving you too much detail. But, the one-of-a-kind experience will cost you $30 for about 30 minutes. You have to sign up for an available time in advance. We signed up around 3:45 p.m. and our game time was 4:30 p.m. You don't have to be a Star Wars fan to LOVE this!

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Updated: Mar 27, 2018

For years, I’ve had a handful of friends tell me I should start a blog of all the things I do, all the restaurants I eat at, all the spas I relax at, all the places I travel to, etc. I never really believed that anyone could benefit from my experiences…until my last trip to Antelope Canyon in Arizona. From my Facebook and Instagram posts I had inspired many of my friends to want to go there and at least a dozen of them contacted me for advice on what to do once they got there. Just as I inspired them, they have inspired me to FINALLY start blogging about my knowledge and my experience in all things FUN. And my trip to Page is a great "first place" to start....

Antelope Canyon is in Page, Arizona. Page sits at the northern border of Arizona near Utah. Its not the easiest place to get to. You will have to drive there. If you live in Southern California, like I do, I suggest you fly into Phoenix or even Las Vegas. Or, of course, you can take a road trip, like I did with my friend Shan and her boys. We went for the President’s Day holiday – Saturday through Monday…short trip. We spent the first night in Sedona, which is only about two hours from Phoenix. The drive from Sedona to Page is about three hours. If you have never been to Sedona…put it on your bucket list! But, THIS trip was specifically to visit Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. Here are my tips:

Upper Antelope Canyon

1. Your experience will be different depending on what month you go and what time of day you go. Shan and I went in February, which is considered “off-season”. If you want to go to see the “light beams” shining through the slot canyon, you’ll have to go between March and October. Peak times in the canyon are between 10:00 to 2:00 p.m. That’s when the sun is directly above the canyon for optimal light. Although we went in February, the canyon was still spectacular. We took a 3:00 p.m. tour.

Light beams are visible from March to October

2. You will have to book a tour. Antelope Canyon sits on Navajo Indian land, and the only way to visit is through a tour. This is a very popular tourist attraction, so you will have to book a tour at least two weeks in advance, especially if you want to book a tour at the peak times. There are several tour companies in Page: Antelope Canyon Tours, Antelope Slot Canyon Tours, Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours, and Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo Tour seem to be the most popular. Most tours offer a 1 hour to 1 ½ hour scenic tour or a 2 to 2 ½ hour photographic tour. The latter is for serious photographers.

a. Antelope Canyon Tours and Antelope Slot Canyon Tours offices are located on the “main drag” of Page on South Lake Powell Blvd. If you book a tour from any of these companies, it will be about a 15-minute drive (in one of their tour jeeps) to get to the base of the canyon. Shan and I took a tour with Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours. Their check-in was about five minutes from the canyon in a dirt parking lot. Not the most professional thing I’ve ever experienced. And the downside was the portable toilets. If you hate porta-potties as much as we do…keep this in mind!

b. If you do not intend to stay in Page, there are other tours that you can take out of Las Vegas and Flagstaff.

c. There will be other tours in the canyon with you. But, your guide will help you navigate through the canyon and get you the most amazing photos possible.

d. Tour prices average $50 per adult and $20 per child

3. If you will be taking photos with your iPhone, like me, use your “vibrant” setting in your camera mode for the best shots.

Upper Antelope Canyon vs. Lower Antelope Canyon

There are two canyons: upper and lower. The upper canyon is above ground and is shaped like and upside down “V”. It is the most popular of the two because it’s pretty user friendly for all ages. You simply walk through it. The lower canyon is shaped like a “V”. Thus, you will have to take ladders to get down into it. Obviously, this is not a good for those with physical limitations. Our tour guide said the upper canyon in the most beautiful of the two.

Ladders descending into Lower Antelope Canyon

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is another gorgeous place in Page that you are not going to want to miss! It’s about 10 minutes from Upper Antelope Canyon. There is a parking lot. Getting to the bend is a short hike. Give yourself about 20 minutes to get to the edge. Keep this in mind if you plan on going for the sunset.

Horseshoe Bend

Other noteworthy things to do/see in Page:

1. Visit Glen Canyon Dam - The dam separates Lake Powell and the Colorado River, and is a true modern wonder.

2. Rent a houseboat on Lake Powell - Lake Powell is a popular destination for renting a house boat with friends and/or family. Also consider taking a dinner cruise or partaking in other water sports. Check on-line for pricing and availability.

Where to stay

If you have Marriott points like we do…there’s a Courtyard in Page that’s nice. It also overlooks the dam, so the view is nice. I hear the Lake Powell Resort is really great also.

Places to eat

If you’re from San Diego, there are a couple of great restaurants owned by a San Diego native: Dam Bar & Grill and Blue Buddha Sushi. Go support small business!


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